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Bryce and his Family in 1999

Me and My Sister

My sister Brooke is really funny and smart. She is 3 years old and has long blonde hair. She looks like a little Barbie Doll. Together, we build blocks, play house and play a lot of other games, too. I'm very protective of her because I'm her older brother. She definitely has an attitude and is very opinionated, and when she misses her nap time, you better watch out. As you can see, Brooke is very special to me and I love her very much.

My Family

As a family, we do a lot of cool things. We go to the beach and catch hermit crabs, we go to picnics and feed the ducks, we go to the park and play soccer, 'Big Bad Wolf', and baseball. The best is at night when we read books and play games like Memory and Candy Cane Lane. We really like going to the Zoo and looking at the animals.

Me and My Mommy

I am definitely a Momma's boy. I protect her when Daddy is at work. We have so much fun together, she gives me haircuts and lets me pick out my own clothes for school. We color pictures and do cool painting projects together. She teaches me the alphabet and other stuff I need to know to be smart. Mommy will take me out front and let me drive my truck with my girlfriend Haley. Mommy gives me a lot of love and there isn't enough room for me to explain all the different things she does for me.

Me and My Daddy

My Daddy loves to take me fishing and on his bike for long rides. I sit in the back and eat crackers and juice while he does all the work. We exercise together and he tells me, 'Bryce, you're strong like a bull,' and then he makes me eat a lot. He feeds me pasta at 10:00pm when my sister Brooke is sleeping. We go to the park and play on the monkey bars and have a lot of fun. I love going to his office and playing with his stuff. My Daddy gives me a lot of love, just like my Mommy.

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