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Here are some of the special things I have done
7-18-99 Many of my friends got together and helped raise money for the American Cancer Society, holding the Wilderness Wellness Walk at Solstice Canyon in Malibu, California. So many people helped, but here are some very special friends who went the extra mile: Sheryl Martins of Blockbuster Video; Sylvia Niles of Tuff Shirt; Jennifer Gilman of State Farm - Ventura; Michael Hayes of S.C. Edison; Mark Benson, a horticultural therapist; and Bill and Marita McMahon. We raised $1590 and had a lot of fun doing it. The Walk was organized by Diana Gilman and Jesse Ilic who are both wonderful people.
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Starts home school - Kindergarten with Mrs. Foy, Oak Hills Elementary. Mrs. Foy makes it very enjoyable to learn and we have a very special friendship.

9-11-99 2nd newspaper article appears in the Thousand Oaks Star, Ventura County. Bryce is in remission.
10-15-99 Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times at Apple Canyon Center Family camp for the weekend. We played games, sang songs, did arts and crafts and took funny pictures. We dressed up in silly clothes, met new friends And had lots of fun. It was a great weekend. If you want to help, this is a great way to contribute...
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10-31-99 Halloween Parade at Oak Hills Elementary School - This was the first time Bryce could be at school with all of my kindergarten classmates. Bryce's face had the biggest smile and Mom, Dad and Grandma Jan Jan had tears in their eyes.
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UCLA Pediatrics Hematology/Oncology Christmas Party - Santa came, and he brought gifts. We did arts and crafts, ate lots of food and had a great time.
12-18-99 Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times Christmas Party at Warner Brothers Studio Ranch - Santa came again, and he brought more gifts (he sure gets around). There were rides and a petting zoo and cartoon characters and food. We had a great time.
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Bryce's first field trip with his kindergarten class. They took a bus to the Carnegie Art Museum, where they learned about Picasso's art. Bryce had so much fun being with all the kids and Mom had lots of fun watching him.
03-24-00 Bryce's second field trip with his Kindergarten class. They went to Gull Wings Children's Museum in Oxnard, California.
03-31-00 Pizza Party with Mrs. Foy and some classmates. They watched movies with their blankets, pillows, and a special teddy bear. Then they ate pizza and ice cream.
04-03-00 Bryce starts his first day of Kindergarten at school. Mom and Dad walk him to school. Bryce is really excited to be with all the other kids. Deanne Glick from the local newspaper does a third story on Bryce, focusing on his first day at school.
04-06-00 Bryce starts Karate. He loves it and takes it quite seriously.
04-08-00 Bryce went to Disneyland and had an amazing time. He ate at Minnie's Kitchen
04-09-00 Bryce goes to a Mighty Ducks hockey game.
05-02-00 Bryce has his 6th birthday party at Chuckie Cheese.
08-22-04 Light The Night Walk Night at Angel Stadium! raised over $3000
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