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These are the people that help me keep going
Dr. Marcio Malogolowkin - Pediatric Hematology - Oncology, UCLA( Is the Director of the Soft Tissue Program at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles

Dr. S. Feig - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. C. Denny - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. A. Thompson - Oncology, UCLA
(Was awarded an endowed chair at Children's Memorial Medical Center in Chicago - heading up the Sickle Cell division for their Department of Hematology/Oncology)

Dr. K. Sakamoto - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. S. Nelson - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. S. Dovat - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. A. Hagey - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. Jackie Casillas - Oncology, UCLA

Dr. Cecil Graham - Paradise Valley, Arizona

Dr. Louis Civitarese- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dr. Robert Goldberg - UCLA, Professor of Opthamology

Amy Tolan - Surgical Coordinator, Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA

Dr. Joseph Kastelic - Akron, Ohio Children's Hospital, Oncology

Dr. Stephen Kundell - Pediatrician, T.O., California

Dr. Olivera Finn - University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Dr. Lyle Berkowitz - Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Bruecker -Buffalo Children's Hospital, Oncology

Dr. Ash - Buffalo Children's Hospital, Oncology

Dr. James Atkinson - UCLA Children's Hospital, Surgeon in Chief

Dr. Chiaki Miura - UCLA Pediatrics Residence

Dr. Joseph L Demer-Jules Stein Eye Institute

Dr. Bernard Churchill-Pediatric Urology-UCLA

Patricia Kerrigan, PhD Education Specialist/Doctoral Candidate

Kim Marcum-Mercier: Founding President of The Sarah Zepernick ChildHood Cancer Foundation

Janet Nishing - Head Nurse

Margie Weiman - Clinical Nurse Specialist

Denna Jung - Clinical Nurse Specialist Is now Clinical Nurse Practitioner down at Harbor UCLA Division of Hematology/Oncology)

Ki Fosters - Nurse

Kim Burstein - Nurse

Deanna Smith - Nurse

Amy Luder - Nurse

Charlotte Zweifel - Nurse

Elaine Ottiniano - Nurse

Sharomi Geffrey - Nutritionist, UCLA

Diana Gilman - Agoura, California - Developmental Specialist & Educator

Anne Hagey, M.D. (Is now the Director for Cancer Clinical Research at Abbott Laboratories in Gurnee Illinois)

Ronald L. Hrebinko, MD University of Pittsburgh Physicians Department of Urology

How you can help?
Pay It Forward
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Total monies raised on behalf of Bryce through special events, in kind donations, and his designated charities is...

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